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how to improve your relationship

*This post is contributed to Social Pajamas Maintaining a relationship seems to be harder than it once was, and according to some, it’s because of social media and a general lack of trust among millennials. This may be debatable, however, certain issues have been damaging relationships since the dawn of time and they’re not as open to […]

How To Set Your And Make Them hAPPEN

Have you ever thought about where you’re going to be in three years’ time? Do you know why you’re doing the things you’re doing now? Do you know what you want to achieve this year? If you want to be successful in everything you do, you need to learn how to set goals. Setting specific goals will help […]

I have finally found the most honest (and helpful!) website about blogging and it’s by His Royal Awesomeness Jon Morrow! 😉 I have learned so much after reading How to Make Money Blogging – Best Guide for 2016. If you’re looking for ways on how you can earn money by blogging, you shouldn’t miss this article! I’m not sure if I […]

I finished my fitness training an hour ago and after I ate dinner at a Turkish Restaurant, I’m now writing this post at Caffe La Tea sipping Chamomile Tea with Honey. Ever since I have moved in Cagayan de Oro, time was not an issue anymore. I could go home early or late, it doesn’t matter. I […]


Many of us have heard about life coaching and a lot of you might have considered using a life coach to help improve your life but not all will step up and get one. We have this thinking that Life Coaching is just for the rich people because their services are way out of the budget. But […]


I was reading Stephen King’s 20 Tips for Becoming a Frighteningly Good Writer by Jon Morrow and it inspired me to pursue writing even more. I haven’t read his book On Writing yet but I am going to buy a copy and read it till I make it, ha! When I was young, I wrote letters and poems […]

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I still don't understand blogging, but here I am. A traveling introvert who enjoys outdoor walks and finding great places to eat. Now you think you know me, but you really don't so read my blog ;)

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