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After reading¬†17 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Blog, it inspired me to write this blogpost. I always read articles or books every day to keep me updated but some articles really hit the spot. Just like this one. Blogging might sound easy but it’s more than just writing. I have come to realize that finishing a blogpost is […]

The social media and business relationship is really increasing in geometrical manner that is why social media marketing is the way to take your business to the next level. Most entrepreneurs are confounded with the problem of surviving and being at the top of the game. They are constantly seeking innovative ways and marketing methods to increase […]

Everybody starts somewhere, even those looking to start an online business. As someone who has been in the online workplace since 2011, I have experienced and¬†encountered a lot of challenges (and a whole lot of good things also!) in my career. When I began as a researcher for an online company, I never really thought I would […]

RJ Lyn

RJ Lyn

I still don't understand blogging, but here I am. A traveling introvert who enjoys outdoor walks and finding great places to eat. Now you think you know me, but you really don't so read my blog ;)

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