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It was October 21st. I woke up early. Showered. Filled my stomach with light food which was full of butterflies that morning. It was a great day. I took all my courage and applied for a US Visa even though I know my situation could be a huge factor of my application being refused. I’m single and […]

Hello from Kuala Lumpur! 🙂 I love spontaneous trips like this! This is one of the best drinks I’ve had so far, Teh Tarik! I can’t remember how many cups I’ve drank in this trip haha I like it hot during dinner and cold during daytime. I like it a bit creamy as well. This is seriously […]

This was the most spontaneous trip I’ve done and it was a great addition to my travel experiences 🙂 I only planned to stay in Cebu and Bohol for two weeks but I couldn’t leave Panglao Island after a week of staying there because the Island is so beautiful! And while I was there my brother asked […]

After almost 2-months of traveling, resting and working, I’m finally back to blogging in Social Pajamas. I still have trips scheduled next week and in the coming months but I will make sure to squeeze time to share and post content here. Sticking to a blogging schedule is not one of my best traits that’s why keeping […]

It was my first time in Camiguin last week and I didn’t really explore the island like most tourist so if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to Camiguin, I’m not much of a help to you. I can only share about my own experience and my photos! 🙂 To start with, here’s my awesome video:   […]

RJ Lyn

RJ Lyn

I still don't understand blogging, but here I am. A traveling introvert who enjoys outdoor walks and finding great places to eat. Now you think you know me, but you really don't so read my blog ;)

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