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Chow Down Time No. 2: Mont Kiara Plaza Market

Good morning! 🙂 Another sunny day here in Mont Kiara and it’s Chow Down Time!

We had dinner in Mont Kiara Plaza Market yesterday and I want to review it because it’s worth it 😉 The market is only on Thursdays so we grabbed the opportunity to try their food stalls there. It’s just walking distance from our place, Kiaramas Ayuria, but we usually use Grab to go anywhere. We paid RM4 from the house to the plaza. It’s very convenient and affordable!

There were not many food stalls to choose from but I bought from a korean, japanese and i’m-not-sure-what-it-is stalls. I bought tteokboki/ddukboki and korean kimchi pancake in the korean stall, bought a potato and meat croquette in the japanese stall and the stall im not sure with was a crispy popiah.

The korean food I had were a bit spicy but since I love spicy foods, I couldn’t really complain 🙂 (I’m not a complainer in general though). The japanese food was okay, nothing magical and I didn’t taste any meat in it. The crispy popiah was my favorite except for the sweet ingredient that they have added. I’m not sure what it is made of but I really love the crispiness of the popiah. If it was less sweet, it would’ve been perfect 😉

Here’s the crispy popiah stall:

After eating, we headed to the mall to buy some essentials and then we dropped by Baskin Robbins to grab some ice cream before heading home.

I ordered a double junior ice cream with flavors caramel praline cheesecake and green tea. The caramel praline was very sweet and the green tea, oh man, the green tea ice cream 😝. If breakup was an ice cream it would be this one. It had an after taste of a messy breakup. Seriously. And I’m a huge fan of green teas but this ice cream was hard to swallow. This is the first ice cream that I didn’t finish eating. I’m sure some will love it but maybe I need to try it again and eat it alone because having the caramel praline cheesecake with it made it taste worse. This costs RM20.

If you’re looking for a new experience in Kuala Lumpur, eating at Mont Kiara Plaza market would be nice.

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