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how to improve your relationship

How to Improve Your Relationship

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Maintaining a relationship seems to be harder than it once was, and according to some, it’s because of social media and a general lack of trust among millennials. This may be debatable, however, certain issues have been damaging relationships since the dawn of time and they’re not as open to discussion as these two. Luckily, there are some easy ways to battle these issues and to make your relationship better. Whether you’re a clueless man seeking “woman advice” on local party line, or a woman wanting to handle her relationship in a healthier way, these tips will prove to be of great help.

Planning and Timing

There are several ways of improving your respective relationship in regards to planning and timing.

First of all, you have to set aside time for intimacy at least once a week. This may sound like something out of a pre-nup or some other love contract from the ye old days, but it’s a crucial step towards a much happier romantic partnership. Sex is one of the main staples of a relationship, and it’s something that brings people closer – in a way, sex is a building block. According to several studies, couples who have sex at least once a week have the highest relationship satisfaction levels. However, it should not be forced; i.e. if either of you are not in the mood for doing the deed, better to “reschedule” it than to end up with a disastrous mockery of the whole thing.

Secondly, you should set up time to assess and reflect. In other words, set up weekly “meetings” during which you can talk about responsibilities, whether they’re related to household chores or they’re of an intimate nature. These “formal” check-ins will strengthen your bond, and they will help both you and your partner in terms of respect, validation, and comfort.

The third way of improving your partnership in terms of time scheduling and planning is the famous Date Night. This “old but gold” advice has been talked about a lot, however, people always tend to forget about it, even though it proves that even the simplest things can make a difference in a relationship. Having “couple time” is crucial for the survival and well-being of every respective romantic partnership.

The Obvious and Not-So-Obvious Things

Some things are accounted for even when they’re not mentioned when talking about a healthy relationship, but it’s that same lack of mentioning them that sometimes makes us forget about their importance.

For instance, being understanding and compassionate towards your partner sounds like something that everyone knows, yet, most problems occur due to the lack of those exact things in a relationship. Listening to your partner is one thing, but truly being there is a whole other thing. Provide your partner with needed support after a long and stressful day, talk to them about the issues they had that day, and make them feel validated, understood, and cared for.

Another small yet meaningful way of making your love bond stronger is stepping out of your social media/internet bubble when spending time with your partner. This especially counts for moments which are supposed to be little rituals the two of you do every day/week, like watching a movie, sharing a bubble bath, or cooking. Aim to be in the moment with your significant other. The notifications from Instagram and Facebook will still be there in 2-3 hours.

Lastly, the importance of sexting hasn’t been talked about enough, particularly the importance of sexting between long-term partners. Sending a racy text message every now and then can immensely impact levels of sexual satisfaction between partners. It’s also doesn’t hurt that it’s quite amusing! All in all, sending a spicy text is a great way of telling your partner that they’re still the only one you want to be with, in all aspects of your relationship. And if you’re a bit shy (even after all those years), you don’t have to worry one bit – thanks to emojis and camera phones! Let’s face it, you’ve been dying to send your significant other a peach + eggplant emoji combo.

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