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Product Review: Neocell’s Beauty Infusion Collagen Powder

Good morning Pajammers! 🙂

It’s a sunny day here in Mont Kiara and I figured it would be a perfect time to do a product review. I have been writing every day since I arrived here because I am so inspired to write 🙂 I hope this streak goes on and on even when I go back home. 

Here’s a quick snap outside my window:

I have soooooooo many products to review but I couldn’t find time to take pictures and write reviews especially during the holidays. I did some product reviews in my other blog Spicy Scribbler but I haven’t done any here.

One of my goals this year is to blog consistently in Social Pajamas so please stay tuned for more product reviews, chow down time blogs, how to articles, inspiring posts and travel blogs! 🙂

For my first product review, I am going to feature Neocell’s Beauty Infusion Collagen Powder. I got mine in Healthy Options Cagayan de Oro branch. I got my gold membership last December! Woohoo!

This tastes like Cranberry and I really like it. Tip: Add a little water or your favorite juice in your glass and add one scoop. Make sure that the powder is dissolved completely or else you’ll have lots of lumps in your drink.

Here’s the nutritional content:

Here’s the description of what’s in the powder (one scoop):

Now let’s take a peek of what’s inside:

It comes with a free scoop which is nice. The first couple of times I have used this, I wasn’t using the scoop because it was covered in powder and it was at the botr of the container. While I was scooping powder using a spoon, I hit the scoop underneath the powder >_<

I haven’t used this long enough to say that it’s effective but I found myself having a really good night’s sleep while drinking this one.

Would I recommend this? Yes. But is it worth your money? I can’t answer this one yet.

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